HughesNet Gen5 HT2000W Static IP Information and Instructions

Static IP Addresses are now available with HughesNet Gen5 HT2000W Business Internet and VAR Business Internet Services!  Static IP addresses are used for a variety of purposes, but mostly to allow you to access equipment on your network remotely from another location!  One static IP address is $20 per month and can be ordered from your HughesNet Dealer!

If you intend to have more than one device connected to your modem, you will need a router to hand out IP addresses beyond the single IP that the HughesNet modem will be handing out!

How to get a Static IP for your HughesNet Gen5 HT2000W Satellite Internet system:

  • You will need to order a static IP address for your account from your HughesNet Dealer!
  • The static IP address will be assigned only when the modem is commissioned / re-commissioned!
  • If you are upgrading to a static IP on an existing account, you may lose service until you are able to re-commission your modem!
  • The modem must have completed commissioning and activation
  • Downloading the configuration of the Static IP can take 15‐30 minutes
  • The modem System Control Center will show when the StaticIP is configured

How to access your Static IP for your HughesNet Gen5 HT2000W Satellite Internet System:

Where to Find / Access your Static IP:

  • From the System Control Center homepage, navigate to the top and click on “System Information”
  • Your static IP address will be listed in the Information box under “IPv4 Address”
  • Click on “WiFi Settings” in the left navigation box
  • You will be presented with a login screen
    • Administrative Password is “Admin”
  • Navigate to the left side panel. Click on LAN DHCP in the menu of options.
  • Next, click the COPY TO button found at the bottom of the screen. This will copy the MAC address of the intended device into the table.
  • Type a number between 2 to 254 in the last box of the IP address. Click Save Settings
  • The local LAN will always be: /24
  • The modem is always
  • The local devices can be set between –

How to set up port mapping on a HughesNet HT2000W modem

  • From the System Control Center homepage, navigate to the left side panel
  • Click on NAT in the menu of options
  • Click on Port Mapping
  • Assign one to three digit number between 2 to 254 (If you followed Step 3, use the same numbers) to the LAN IP Address column
  • Next, enter your public and LAN port numbers.
  • Click on Enable
  • Click on Save Settings


Hughes Customer Support and your service provider will only support basic questions, and will not help configure equipment!  If you are a customer of Montana Satellite Services, we are happy to assist you as best as we can with your static IP setup and configuration, however, we are satellite guys, not networking guys, so you may need the services of an IP technician to assist you with advanced configurations for your network!