We offer support for the MotoSAT DataStorm, F, FX and G series mobile satellite Internet systems as well as software, firmware, user guides, manuals, downloads and more!

If your MotoSAT system is going up and searching, yet not locking onto a satellite… this information is for you!

If you are having problems with your MotoSAT mobile satellite Internet system going up and locking onto the satellite, chances are that your satellite tables are out of date!  Unfortunately, since MotoSAT went out of business, we have no way to upgrade your existing satellite tables / satellite information in your MotoSAT Mount Controller!   We do offer a third-party solution for most of the MotoSAT mobile satellite Internet systems that involves purchasing a new mount controller and / or purchasing a hardware, firmware and software upgrade for your existing MotoSAT controllers that will allow you to keep your satellite tables upgraded into the future!  Please contact us to find a solution for your system or to speak with us about some of the other mobile satellite Internet systems we offer!


Purchase a New MotoSAT Compatible Mount Controller

Click here to purchase one of our new controllers for your MotoSAT Mobile Satellite Internet System!
(We strongly recommend that you contact us first to make sure this new controller will work with your MotoSAT Mobile Satellite Internet System!)

MotoSAT J1 Mobile Satellite Internet System Mount Controllers





Upgrade your MotoSAT D3, D4, or J1 Controller

Click here to purchase the upgrade parts and services to have your existing MotoSAT D3, D4, or J1 controller upgraded by our third-party professionals to the latest firmware, software and satellite tables!  The new firmware and software is designed much better than the old MotoSAT software and the update process has been simplified as well!   You will need to purchase the upgrade process here, then send your controller in to us for this upgrade and we suggest that you allow 3 – 4 weeks for the upgrade to be completed!   Normally we are 1 – 2 weeks out, and feel free to call for an estimate on that if you wish!  (We strongly recommend that you contact us first to make sure this upgraded controller will work with your MotoSAT Mobile Satellite Internet System!)


MotoSAT Satellite Internet Systems User Guides & Manuals



MotoSAT Satellite Internet Systems Software, Firmware & Satellite Tables

We have removed these files since they are no longer valid!  If you have a new controller updated or purchased from us since 2014, click here or contact us for support and downloads on the new controllers!


MotoSAT Parts

We offer replacement MotoSAT controllers as well as some new and used parts for MotoSAT DataStorm systems including reed sensors, elevation motors, azimuth motors, and more!  We also offer the HughesNet and iDirect transmitters, modems, feedhorns and so on for some of the MotoSAT DataStorm systems as well!  If we do not have the right part for you, chances are that we can point you to someone who does!  Contact us for more information!