We offer support for the MotoSAT Freedom, MotoSAT Executive, MotoSAT Universal HD and other MotoSAT Mobile satellite Television systems as well as related software, firmware, user guides, manuals, downloads and more!

If your MotoSAT system is going up and searching, yet not locking onto a satellite… this information is for you!

If you are having problems with your MotoSAT mobile satellite Television system going up and locking onto the satellite, chances are that your satellite tables are out of date!  Unfortunately since MotoSAT went out of business, we have no way to upgrade your existing satellite tables / satellite information in your MotoSAT Mount Controller!   We do offer a third-party solution for most of the MotoSAT mobile satellite Television systems that involves purchasing a new mount controller and / or purchasing a hardware, firmware and software upgrade for your existing MotoSAT controllers that will allow you to keep your satellite tables upgraded into the future!  Please contact us to find a solution for your system or to speak with us about some of the other mobile satellite Internet systems we offer!

UPDATE:  Due to current changes in the technology used for identifying satellites, we are no longer offering upgrades for the Nomad controllers!  We do offer a new Eagle Satellite Television Controller that controls some of the newer MotoSAT mobile satellite television systems.   Please contact us to make sure one of the new Eagle controllers will work on your MotoSAT mobile satellite television system prior to ordering!


Purchase a new Eagle Controller for your MotoSAT system here!

Announcing the new EAGLE RE-1 mobile satellite television mount controller that will operate most MotoSAT mobile automatic satellite TV television systems while giving you a new line of support and updates well into the future!

Eagle RE-1 Controller for Mobile Satellite Television systems




Purchase a new Eagle Mobile Satellite Television System Mount Controller for your MotoSAT mobile satellite television system here!
(We strongly recommend that you contact us to make sure one of the new Eagle controllers will work on your MotoSAT mobile satellite television system prior to ordering!)


Purchase a new Eagle Mobile Satellite Television System

We offer almost every mobile satellite television system on the market, but we’re really excited about the Eagle brand of mobile satellite television products!  The Eagle line was developed by some of the original founders of MotoSAT and these systems offer even better features, reliability and signal quality than any other product on the market (in our educated and experienced opinion)!  If you want a system that you can easily switch from DirecTV to DISH Network or a system that will offer years and years of reliable service, the Eagle Mobile Satellite Television systems are our preferred choice over the entire market today!  Contact us for more information on our Eagle Mobile Satellite Television Systems and or any of our other mobile satellite television systems!


MotoSAT Mobile Satellite Television Systems related Downloads

MotoSAT Nomad SD2 Programming Guide Manual – 20100108

MotoSAT Nomad SD – SD2 Controller Manual – 20110802

MotoSAT Nomad 2 – 3 Controller Manual – 20081230

MotoSAT Nomad 1 Contoller Manual – 20050518

MotoSAT Freedom Manual – 20080325


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