Product Support:  RV DataSat Mobile Satellite Internet Systems

This page contains information, links, downloads and support for the RV DataSat 840 and RV DataSat 845 Mobile Satellite Internet Systems powered by iDirect!  Here you will find manuals, user guides and troubleshooting tips as well as any FAQ’s or Blogs related to the RV DataSat 840 and RV DataSat 845 Mobile Satellite Internet Systems distributed by Montana Satellite Supply!

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Q: Can the RV DataSat 840 system be self-installed?
A: Yes!  Although you will want to be extremely careful about how you mount the system on your RV, the actual installation and setup is very easy!

Q: How much space is required for installation?
A:  The RV DataSat 840 and 845 systems require an open space of 40″ wide x 48″ long for installation and 40″ of clearance for proper rotation!  (see image below)

RV DataSat 840 antenna clearance

Q: Can the system be used as a portable system and not installed on an RV?
A: Yes, however you will need to mount the system to a pallet or to something wider than the base plate to prevent it from moving around or tipping over in high winds!

Q: Are there any contracts or commitments required for service?
A: The standard service plans offered with this system are monthly service plans that can be purchased on a month-to-month or contract basis!   Contact us for current pricing!
The RV DataSat 845 (Enterprise Version) can be used with other iDirect service providers, plans and satellites as well however some terms and conditions may apply!

Q:  Where can the RV DataSat Systems be used?  (Coverage areas)
A:  The RV DataSat 840 has a .84m antenna and the Insta-Sat service use the G3C Satellite @ 95 West.  This system will work in any areas of the satellite footprint where coverage on 95 West requires a .84m antenna or smaller!  Check out or contact us for more information!  If G3C @ 95 West will not work for you!   The RV DataSat 845 (Enterprise Version) can be used with other iDirect Service Providers that offer different plans and pricing and coverage areas on different satellites, including SM8 @ 117 West for Mexico!  So, if the Insta-Sat plans offered on 95 West will not work in your area, or are not the best solution for your application, please contact us so that we can help you find an alternate iDirect service provider and satellite for use with The RV DataSat 845 system!

Q: Can this system be used with other iDirect Service Providers and service plans?
A:  Yes, however, this system is only sold as a complete system and it is designed to be used with Insta-Sat service plans!  If you wish to use this system with anything other than the plans offered here, you will need to purchase a new X5 modem and a wireless router that will work with the other service providers and bandwidth plans you want to use!

Q: What is the WiFi password for the included wireless router?
A:  The default password for the wireless router is set to be the MAC address of the router!

Q: How do I purchase the service/bandwidth?
A:  When you get the system installed, and powered up, simply press the “search” button and let the system go up and lock onto the satellite.  After you connect to the wireless router and open your browser, you will automatically be directed to the gateway where you can register your system and purchase one of our service plans here!  Once purchased, you will be online!

Q: Will this system and service support VoIP (Phone Service / Communications)?
A:  Yes… you can simply use Skype or some other VoIP service or you can sign up for the Insta-Sat VoIP plans if you would like even better quality service!  Service plans with other iDirect service providers may or may not support VoIP.