Satellite Dish Database with Photos, Information & Links

If you are in search of replacement parts or accessories or trying to find a satellite dish cover or satellite dish heater, you will need to know which satellite dish you have in order to order the right parts and accessories!
Our Satellite Dish Database will assist you with that!  This is a Satellite Dish Database of some of the satellite television and satellite Internet dishes on the market today including direct links to purchase parts and accessories for each one!
Simply match up the appearance or measurements to find your satellite dish type, make and model number as well as part numbers accordingly!

Please select from the categories below:


Satellite Television Dishes

DirecTV Satellite Dishes

DISH Network Satellite Dishes

Shaw Direct Satellite Dishes

Bell TV Satellite Dishes

Other Satellite TV Dishes


Satellite Internet / VSAT Dishes

HughesNet / DirecWay Satellite Internet Dishes

WildBlue Satellite Internet Dishes

Exede Satellite Internet Dishes

Starband Satellite Internet Dishes

iDirect VSAT Antennas

Other Satellite Internet Dishes