This section contains photos links and information for satellite dishes and antennas commonly used by DISH Network to receive their satellite dish television programming as well as links to purchase replacement satellite dishes, LNB’s and  more!  We also offer a variety of accessories for your satellite dish including satellite dish covers that can help prevent snow and ice from collecting on your satellite dish and blocking your signal!  Satellite dish covers can also just cover up, disguise, or decorate your satellite dish!  Or consider a satellite dish heater which works like a cover, but is a bit more reliable than a satellite dish cover when it comes to preventing snow and ice buildup on your antenna.

Please click on the thumbnails below for more information about each satellite dish!  If there is no link, that means we are still working on adding information and links for that specific dish!  Please contact us for information on the dish, replacement parts and accessories as we will be happy to assist you!


DISH Network DISH 1000.4

DISH 1000.4


DISH Network DISH 1000.2 - Gray

DISH 1000.2 – Gray


DISH Network DISH 1000.2 - Black

DISH 1000.2 – Black


DISH Network DISH 1000 Plus

DISH 1000 Plus


DISH Network DISH 1000

DISH 1000


DISH Network SuperDish 121

DISH SuperDish 121


DISH Network SuperDish 105 Satellite Television Dish Antenna

DISH SuperDish 105


DISH Network DISH 500 Plus Satellite Television Dish Antenna

DISH 500 Plus


DISH Network DISH 500 Satellite Television Dish Antenna

DISH 500 w/ Dual LNB


DISH Network DISH 500 - Single

DISH 500 w/ Single LNB


DISH Network DISH 300 Satellite Television dish antenna!

DISH 300


If you do not see your satellite dish antenna listed here, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with finding out which satellite dish you have as well as the correct parts and accessories for your satellite dish!