hughesnet .74m ka band prodelin antenna - an8-074p

HughesNet .74m Ka Band Prodelin Antennas – AN8-074P

The HughesNet .74m Ka Band Prodelin Antenna, AN8-074P, was used with the HN9000 and other Ka Band modems for receiving HughesNet Ku Band Spaceway Satellite Internet Services!

Size:  .74m
Brand: Prodelin
Model#: AN8-074P
Mast Size:  2 3/8″ OD

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Replacement Components:
HughesNet .74m Ka Band Prodelin Antenna Assembly w/out transmitter/LNB assembly!
HughesNet 1 watt transmitter/LNB assembly (original replacement)
HughesNet 2 watt transmitter/LNB assembly (recommended replacement)
HughesNet Replacement Feed Horn for .74m Ka Band Prodelin Antennas
HughesNet Seal Kit (o-rings)

Mounts & Mounting Options:
HughesNet Tri-mast Mount
Non-penetrating flat mount (light duty)
Non-penetrating flat mount (heavy duty)
Non-penetrating ridge-roof mount (heavy duty)

Pipe / Pole Mount Adapter (from 2″ to 2 3/8″)
Pipe / Pole Mount Adapter (from larger OD pipe down to 2 3/8″ OD)

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Satellite Dish Covers – (Recommended) – MTSAT CVR-HN74P – Black
Satellite Dish Covers – (Optional) – MTSAT CVR-HN74P – Gray
Satellite Dish Heater – (Recommended) – Hot Shot HSSLNGRFKIT
Satellite Dish Heater – (Optional) – ICE Zapper 2 – Always-on

Resources & Guides:
Installation Manual
Pointing Guide