HughesNet .98m Ku Band Prodelin Antennas

HughesNet .98m Ku Band Prodelin Antennas

The HughesNet .98m Ku Band Prodelin Antenna, AN6-098P, is used with the HN7000s and other Ku Band modems for receiving HughesNet Ku Band Satellite Internet Services in the U.S., Mexico, Haiti and parts of Canada and the southern half of Alaska!  This antenna is currently the only Ku Band antenna still being distributed by HughesNet and only via specific Ku Band dealers after March of 2013!  We are one of those dealers!

Size: .98m
Brand: Prodelin
Model#: AN6-098P
Mast Size: 2 3/8″ OD

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Replacement Components:
HughesNet .98m Ku Band Prodelin Antenna Assembly w/out transmitter/LNB assembly!
HughesNet 2 watt transmitter/LNB assembly (recommended replacement)
HughesNet Replacement Feed Horn for .98m Ku Band Prodelin Antennas
HughesNet Seal Kit (o-ring w/ allen screws)

Mounts & Mounting Options:
Non-penetrating flat mount (light duty)
Non-penetrating flat mount (heavy duty)
Non-penetrating ridge-roof mount (heavy duty)

Pipe / Pole Mount Adapter (from larger OD pipe down to 2 3/8″ OD)

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Satellite Dish Covers – (Recommended) – MTSAT CVR-HN98P – Black
Satellite Dish Covers – (Optional) – MTSAT CVR-HN98P – Gray
Satellite Dish Heater – (Recommended) – Hot Shot HSSLNGRFKIT

Resources & Guides:
Installation Manual